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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Follow to the company.

Summon… the cat?

This combination of verb and object clearly caught Su Zeyu off guard; it was the first time he had heard of it. He glanced at the cat lying on his shoulder, hesitating slightly before agreeing.

No problem at all! Honey, feel free to summon me! I can warm your hands, warm your feet, warm the bed… So useful in winter!

Fu Yiyuan meowed confidently into Su Zeyu’s ear, feeling proud that he was more capable than an ordinary cat.

Su Zeyu pulled him down from his shoulder and looked him in the eyes, saying, “Xu-ge said you don’t have a name yet. Since you were brought back by Fu Yiyuan, let’s call you Yi Yuan.”

Yi Yuan sounds like Yiyuan, and when calling the cat, he could quickly respond himself. It was like planting willows and they’d grow, unintentionally.

*yi yuan(一元) – Yi Yuan, MC’s name – 亦渊(yi(also) yuan)

Fu Yiyuan nodded, indicating that he understood.

Seeing the cat’s reaction, Su Zeyu also believed Xu Wenyu’s words to some extent. This cat was indeed clever.

So it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

Feeling more reassured, Su Zeyu put down the cat and began to tidy up the tea set that had been used by everyone just now.

While Su Zeyu was busy, Fu Yiyuan sneaked into the study and opened his computer. As soon as he logged in, he saw a message from Xu Wenyu.

【Zeyu is afraid the cat might get stressed, so he doesn’t plan to bring you back. He will stay at your place for these few days.】

【I just told Zeyu, you might be on a business trip. How about sending a message to explain, so he won’t worry about you?】

They say a sister-in-law is like a mother. Whenever Fu Yiyuan’s parents went on trips, which lasted for several months each time, Xu Wenyu always took good care of him.

Fu Yiyuan replied briefly, indicating that he understood.

After opening the pinned chat box, Su Zeyu’s message from this morning still lay there, lonely and unanswered.

This was the first time he had gone so long without replying to his wife’s messages.

Fu Yiyuan stared at the screen, feeling gloomy, and after thinking for a while, he sent out messages in his usual tone.

【Zeyu, have you eaten yet? I left in a hurry and didn’t have time to prepare anything for you.】

【Did you wake up feeling unwell this morning?】

【There was a problem at the overseas branch, and the situation is urgent. I rushed over without having time to inform you. I might have to stay here for about a week.】

【There’s a lot going on, so I might not have much time to spend with you these few days. Take care of yourself.】

The messages seemed overly formal, stiff even, giving off a feeling of unfamiliarity between them.

If he were truly allowed to send messages freely, he would definitely pester Su Zeyu, expressing how much he missed him. But now, to avoid exposing his true nature, he even dared to use only the emojis Su Zeyu had previously sent him.


Just a few short messages, and it took him a lot of effort as a big cat.

Fu Yiyuan secretly vowed that once he returned to his human form, he would confess to his wife right away. He wanted to be able to express himself freely to her, not communicate in this cold, businesslike manner.

Fortunately, after sending the messages, he wasn’t disappearing without reason anymore.

Su Zeyu was probably still tidying up, as he hadn’t replied immediately.

Fu Yiyuan closed his computer, planning to go downstairs and spend time with his wife.

Initially, Fu Yiyuan wanted to help Su Zeyu with something, but as a cat, there wasn’t much he could do, so he just watched Su Zeyu busying around. Even when he thought to help by pushing the trash can over, he was shooed away.

Su Zeyu kicked him out of the kitchen and ruthlessly closed the door: “Stay put. You’re getting dirty, and I’ll have to give you a bath later.”


Well then.

He never thought he would spend a day pretending to be a lousy cat just to put his wife at ease.

After Su Zeyu finished tidying up and sat on the sofa, he used Fu Yiyuan as a pillow, holding him in his arms like a cushion while checking his phone for new messages.

It might have been his imagination, but when Su Zeyu tapped on the message notification, Fu Yiyuan heard a fleeting, playful laugh.

It didn’t sound like a laugh of joy or amusement but rather one with a hint of mockery.

Huh? Maybe he was overthinking it.

But regardless, his wife laughed, his wife was happy! And he had him in his heart!

Fu Yiyuan swayed his tail happily, then saw Su Zeyu’s reply:

【I’m not feeling unwell. Where exactly are you now?】

The Fu Family had branches in several countries, and Fu Yiyuan, feeling guilty, didn’t specify his location.

Once you tell one lie, you have to weave a thousand more to cover it up. Fu Yiyuan’s heart, which had just relaxed, tensed up again.

Although he hadn’t figured out how to handle the situation yet, he still wanted to reply to Su Zeyu as soon as possible.

But as soon as he made a move, Su Zeyu pressed him down: “Why are you always running around? Don’t you want to spend time with me?”

Meow meow meow…

Who wouldn’t want to be with his wife! He just wanted to reply to his wife’s messages. But since Su Zeyu said “always,” does that mean he’s already noticed the previous instances? If this continues, he’ll definitely be suspected.

Fortunately, he could use the excuse of the time difference abroad, replying only after his wife fell asleep.

With a plan in mind, Fu Yiyuan quietly watched TV with Su Zeyu.

While Su Zeyu was casually petting the cat and watching TV, his frequent glances at his phone betrayed his inner emotions.

Every time he put it down, it seemed like he was just checking the time, but Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but notice that he was waiting for his reply.

So, every time he didn’t reply to his messages, was his wife waiting like this?

Fu Yiyuan clung to Su Zeyu’s arm, feeling fireworks exploding in his heart, like unexpectedly finding an oasis in the desert.

As his heartbeat gradually returned to normal, a sense of warmth replaced it. It seemed like his wife liked him even more than he thought…

As the night deepened, Su Zeyu decided to go upstairs to sleep with the cat in his arms, and Fu Yiyuan suddenly realized something was wrong.

If Su Zeyu slept while holding him, how could he reply to messages? No, he had to seize the opportunity to slip away to the study!

So, while Su Zeyu was showering, Fu Yiyuan hurriedly ran to the computer, typing frantically with his cat paws, replying as much as he could.

His cat ears were particularly sensitive, and since he hadn’t closed the door when he ran out, he could faintly hear the sound of water from the bathroom in the study.

Feeling extremely nervous, he listened to Su Zeyu’s movements while replying. When the water stopped, he quickly finished typing the last few words, closed the computer, and returned to the bedroom as if nothing had happened.

Su Zeyu didn’t notice that he had been gone just now, simply picking up the cat and getting into bed. Fu Yiyuan even felt like Su Zeyu’s house might be full of plush toys and pillows. Otherwise, why would he be so accustomed to holding him, bringing him wherever he went?

Su Zeyu tapped on the message notification, seeing Fu Yiyuan’s message that filled the entire screen without any paragraphs. A faint smile appeared on his lips involuntarily.

This smile left Fu Yiyuan stunned.

“Go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow.” Su Zeyu replied briefly on his phone, then lay down to sleep after saying goodnight.

It was then that Fu Yiyuan remembered, tomorrow was a workday, and Su Zeyu had to go to the office.

Su Zeyu worked at his own company, but they had met for the first time in a coffee shop.

At that time, before Fu Yiyuan went to work, he stopped by to buy coffee and caught sight of Su Zeyu, who was there for the same reason.

Fu Yiyuan had always thought he wasn’t just a face dog who only cared about appearances, but when he saw Su Zeyu, his heart skipped a beat.

How could there be someone who fits so perfectly into his heart?

And then, because he was so lost in thought, he forgot to even strike up a conversation.

He thought he wouldn’t have a chance to see her again, but fate works in mysterious ways. Drifting through the company’s doors, he found that the person he fell in love with at first sight was actually a new employee at the company.

In the various interactions he deliberately created, Su Zeyu not only didn’t disappoint, but instead showed even more of his fatal attraction, causing him to fall deeper and deeper.

There’s a saying online: it starts with appearance, falls for talent, and remains loyal to character.

Fu Yiyuan felt that with Su Zeyu, he experienced this process completely. By the time he realized it, he couldn’t extricate himself. But then again, he never wanted to retract his heart in the first place.

Although at first Su Zeyu ignored his advances, even neglecting them. But later, under his persistent pursuit, Su Zeyu’s attitude gradually softened. From accepting the small gifts he gave to finally agreeing to be with him.

Su Zeyu fell asleep, and Fu Yiyuan obediently remained still as a cat pillow.

“Goodnight, my wife,” Fu Yiyuan silently prayed in his heart.

The next day, Su Zeyu got up early to prepare for work, and Fu Yiyuan followed him around.

After Su Zeyu finished breakfast and grabbed his things to leave, Fu Yiyuan still trailed behind him.

Su Zeyu carried the cat by his side into the house, “Stay at home obediently, I’ll accompany you when I get back from work.”

Meow meow meow!

No, don’t leave! I want to be with my wife! Take me to the office!

The act of letting go repeated several times, but every time he was let go, he stuck to Su Zeyu again. Su Zeyu sighed helplessly and reached out, “Let’s go.”

Their company didn’t have a rule against bringing cats to work, occasionally, some employees brought their own pets, and everyone would collectively turn into a clip monster, handing out a bunch of snacks.

So Su Zeyu took the cat all the way to the office.

As expected, when the other colleagues saw the cat lying on his shoulder, they all came over.

“Su Ge, did you also get a cat?” A new employee stared at Fu Yiyuan with bright eyes.

Su Zeyu shook his head, “It’s a friend’s cat, I’m helping to take care of it for a few days.”

No way, he’s a boyfriend!

Fu Yiyuan softly meowed a couple of times, but he wasn’t in the right, so he could only endure the grievance on his own.

They had been together for some time, but Fu Yiyuan, considering his own situation, was afraid that Su Zeyu would regret it once he knew the truth. To give his wife a way out, he persuaded Su Zeyu to wait until their relationship was more stable before going public, so the people in the company still didn’t know.

They didn’t really care whose cat it was, and after a brief inquiry, they began to reveal their true intentions.

The young girl attempted to pet the cat, her eyes gleaming as if she were teasing a shy girl: “Kitty, come here and let aunty hold you~”

Fu Yiyuan was startled by the approaching hand and immediately buried his head in Su Zeyu’s arms.

He’s a loyal cat with integrity, how could he let the young girl touch him so casually! He can only be touched by his wife! Wife, save me!

Seeing the cat’s reaction, the young girl didn’t try to force the issue.

Su Zeyu apologized slightly, “It seems a bit shy.”

“It’s okay,” the young girl didn’t feel embarrassed, and exclaimed, “Su Ge, it seems really attached to you.”

Su Zeyu’s tone carried a hint of amusement, “Yeah, maybe we’re just familiar.”

It was still some time before work, and everyone was relaxed. The woman sitting opposite Su Zeyu suddenly remembered something, “Hey, Xiao Su!”

“What’s up, Yang Jie?” Su Zeyu sat down with the cat in his arms.

The woman addressed as Yang Jie tried to make herself look less nosy, “Um… well… you and Mr. Fu, are you together?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the office perked up their ears, even the colleague who had just been typing frantically stopped. For a moment, the office fell silent, everyone waiting for him to speak.

It was common knowledge that Fu Yiyuan was pursuing Su Zeyu.

Although Su Zeyu was reserved, he was talented, had a good personality, never put on airs, nor gossip, not to mention he was so good-looking.

Their company didn’t prohibit office romances, and Fu Yiyuan never abused his power to pursue Su Zeyu. If two handsome guys were dating, it was a sight to behold!

They were the focus of everyone’s attention, a true common topic of interest.

Su Zeyu’s petting of the cat paused for a moment, and he asked calmly, “What makes you say that?”

Yang Jie chuckled lightly, “Mr. Fu’s been in such a good mood lately. Not to gossip, but if he had a tail, it would definitely be wagging in the air.”

The chubby intern joked, “Yang Jie, you better hope Mr. Fu doesn’t hear that.”

Yang Jie waved her hand, unconcerned, “That’s why I’m only saying this while he’s away on a business trip.”

Everyone laughed at her words.

Fu Yiyuan also poked his head out from Su Zeyu’s arms: [I heard that, I heard it with both ears!].jpg

They weren’t really afraid, and Fu Yiyuan wasn’t the kind of person to make things difficult for employees.

After meowing for a while, Fu Yiyuan belatedly sensed that Su Zeyu wasn’t in high spirits, and the motion of his petting slowed down.

What’s wrong with my wife?

Listening to their banter, Su Zeyu lowered his gaze, concealing his emotions in his eyes, “Nothing.”

“Huh?” Everyone thought they misheard.

Su Zeyu’s hand stopped petting the cat completely, and he looked up and said calmly, “We’re not together.”

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