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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: That’s it.



The surrounding people and Fu Yiyuan spoke at the same time.

Fu Yiyuan noticed Su Zeyu’s low spirits and attempted to use his natural charm to comfort him, hoping his affectionate gestures would cheer Su Zeyu up. But it seemed to have no effect; he could sense that Su Zeyu’s mood was still heavy.

The colleagues around them weren’t embarrassed by his response; the unexpected answer surprised them for a moment, but then they all smiled knowingly.

Whenever the two of them were together, a unique atmosphere enveloped them, and the unintentional displays of affection made hearts flutter and faces blush. As long as one wasn’t blind, anyone could see that it wasn’t unrequited love on one side, but mutual willingness.

Yang Jie had a knowing expression on her face, nodding as she joked, “Easy come, easy go. It wouldn’t hurt for Mr. Fu to experience what it’s like to pursue someone.”

Su Zeyu remained silent, and everyone took it as his tacit agreement. Fortunately, someone else brought up a new topic, and the conversation naturally moved on.

Before long, it was time to start work, and everyone got busy. With the year-end approaching, there were many tasks to handle, but everyone in the company was enthusiastic, looking forward to finishing up and going home for the holidays with their year-end bonuses.

Su Zeyu soon immersed himself in his work, but he kept glancing at his phone from time to time, as if waiting for a message from someone.

Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but indulge in a bit of narcissism, wondering if Su Zeyu was waiting for his message?

This thought was quickly dismissed; his wife was someone who clearly separated his personal and professional life, and he couldn’t possibly be as restless as a lovesick teenager waiting for a message from their crush.

When he lit up his phone again but still didn’t see any new messages, Su Zeyu’s mood seemed even lower than before.

“Meow?” Fu Yiyuan suddenly felt a chill down his spine, inexplicably guilty.

Throughout the morning, although Su Zeyu completed his work flawlessly and interacted with his colleagues as usual, Fu Yiyuan could be a hundred percent sure that his wife was genuinely unhappy.

While Fu Yiyuan couldn’t be certain if the reason was related to him, he knew he had to cheer up his wife!

At this moment, he was thankful that his natural form was a cat, not something like a snake that people would fear, or any other predator. After all, Su Zeyu didn’t know that the cat was him; he could snuggle up to his wife without embarrassment, meowing coquettishly.

At lunchtime, Su Zeyu directly opened his WeChat conversation with Fu Yiyuan, and the last message was still the “Good night” from Su Zeyu last night.

This time, Fu Yiyuan was certain that he had upset Su Zeyu. He stopped meowing and simply curled up in Su Zeyu’s arms like an innocent little kitten.

“Wife, please don’t be angry! As long as you can accept my true identity, I’ll let everyone know about our relationship when the time comes!” Fu Yiyuan was almost desperate to speak.

At this moment, Su Zeyu picked him up from his lap and placed him on the freshly tidied desk.

Fu Yiyuan felt a sense of familiarity, and sure enough, Su Zeyu spoke to him the next moment, staring at him, “Has your dad forgotten you’re still here?”


Fu Yiyuan’s spirits lifted; there was indeed no mention of the cat in his messages, which was indeed suspicious. Time was running out, and he could only chat with his wife. Who cared about a dumb cat anyway!

I’ll curse myself for being so stupid!

“Forget it, you wouldn’t know anyway.” Su Zeyu knew asking a cat wouldn’t yield results. Plus, the food delivery had arrived, so he put the cat down and went downstairs to fetch it.

Fu Yiyuan had intended to plan how to seamlessly manage the next few days without arousing Su Zeyu’s suspicion. But before he could think, several colleagues approached, attempting to “lay hands” on him.

When Su Zeyu returned, this was the scene he encountered:

Several colleagues surrounded Fu Yiyuan’s desk, with the cat poised on the table, eyeing them warily and shrinking back whenever they made a move.

As soon as he saw Su Zeyu, Fu Yiyuan began to complain, “Meow meow meow—wife! They want to touch me!”

A male colleague, feigning complaint, said with more curiosity than anything, “Su Ge, this cat of yours is so picky. It won’t even let us touch a single fingernail.”

Another girl chimed in, “It makes me want to have a cat of my own. Having a cat that only snuggles with me must be so enjoyable.”

“Give it a rest,” someone teased her, “You can’t even take care of yourself, let alone a cat.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s better to just enjoy petting someone else’s cat.”

After chatting with Su Zeyu for a few days, they all went to lunch.

Now it was Fu Yiyuan’s turn to complain, “Wife, they’re so scary! They actually wanted to lay hands on me. It was a struggle to preserve my innocence!”

Perhaps his tone was too convincing; surprisingly, Su Zeyu understood his gist. Unpacking the takeout bag, he said, “Stop playing the victim; if they were really that scary, you would have fled long ago.”


The cat meowed again, feeling both wronged and guilty.

Alright, he admitted he had exaggerated a bit. In fact, those colleagues didn’t really get too handsy; mostly they just tentatively reached out to play with him, and there was more time spent smiling kindly and indulgently.

* 姨母笑(yi mu xiao) – neologism. Literally aunty smile(kind and indulgent smile usually on a woman’s face) yi mu – maternal aunt, xiao – smile

After lunch break, Su Zeyu resumed work, and Fu Yiyuan quietly lay next to him, gazing adoringly at Su Zeyu’s focused profile while pondering his plans for the next few days.

Because Su Zeyu had been there the whole time, Fu Yiyuan felt like it wasn’t long before it was time to leave work.

After work, Su Zeyu didn’t immediately head home but went to the pet store instead.

The young shop assistant was unexpectedly familiar to him. Seeing him, he greeted warmly, “Su Ge, back again?”

Just as Su Zeyu responded, he suddenly noticed something. Squinting, he swiftly approached Su Zeyu and bent down to inspect the cat being held.

“Su Ge, do you have a cat?!” Confirming his guess, Shi Qian couldn’t hide his surprise.

As he reached out to touch, Fu Yiyuan had already anticipated his move and quickly hid in Su Zeyu’s arms.

“Wow, this cat seems to recognize people.” Standing up straight, Shi Qian said to Su Zeyu, “Su Ge, you’ve finally found a cat you like. Congratulations.”

“Meow?” Fu Yiyuan perked up at the word “finally,” lifting his head in confusion.

Did that mean Su Zeyu had been planning to get a cat all along?

This time, Su Zeyu didn’t use the usual response he had for his colleagues. Instead, he stroked the cat’s head and said, “Yeah, I’m keeping it.”

“That’s great!” Once Shi Qian started talking, Fu Yiyuan knew he was quite talkative. “Ge, wasn’t it about half a year ago when you told me you wanted to get a cat? I asked what kind you wanted, and you said you weren’t sure yet, but you’d figure it out in time. I thought you were still considering, but now you’ve actually gone and done it!”

Scratching the cat’s chin, Su Zeyu said, “Yeah, let’s get it a carrier from your store.”

“No problem, Ge, follow me!” Shi Qian switched to professional mode in an instant, guiding Su Zeyu.

After selecting one, Su Zeyu placed the carrier on the ground. “Yi Yuan, come in.”

Fu Yiyuan obediently went in without any fuss.

Su Zeyu didn’t rush to zip up the carrier. He lowered his head and asked Fu Yiyuan, “How’s it? “

“Meow meow!” Great!

It was Fu Yiyuan’s first time experiencing this, but it wasn’t bad. Being carried by his wife made him feel a bit happy.

Seeing that he was clearly enjoying himself, Su Zeyu also knew the answer. “Should I take you home then?”

This enjoyment didn’t last long. On the way home, Su Zeyu suddenly remembered what the shop assistant had said earlier.

If Su Zeyu had always wanted to have a cat and had decided to keep one for himself, then once he turned back, he wouldn’t have the cat anymore. He would definitely be sad then.

Maybe… he’ll bring another cat home again!

A belated sense of crisis surged within him.

Although he wasn’t just an ordinary cat, he still had a sense of territory.

Su Zeyu going to a cat café to pet cats was something he could accept. But if he had to watch someone petting other cats in their own home, he would definitely feel jealous.

So the only solution now was to reveal the truth. If his wife could accept it, he would transform back into a cat every day to let him pet him!

He had to make a good impression now, for his human form.

With this in mind, they had already arrived home.

Su Zeyu put away the things, made a simple dinner, and fed the cat. Then he took out the cherries he bought yesterday from the fridge, washed them, and planned to eat while watching TV.

When Su Zeyu sat on the sofa and just picked up a cherry to eat, Fu Yiyuan scrambled from the other end of the sofa and softly meowed at him.

Su Zeyu glanced at the cherry in his hand and then at the cat staring at him intently. Calmly, he put the cherry into his mouth, “You can’t eat this.”

No way! He wasn’t that kind of greedy cat!

As Su Zeyu picked up another cherry, Fu Yiyuan retracted his claws and pounced on his arm, biting off the stem of the cherry.

Wife, am I the most understanding cat you’ve ever seen? Don’t look at other cats, just raise me, raise me!

Su Zeyu looked at the cat, who seemed to be saying “Praise me,” and nodded appreciatively, “Yeah, you’re much more affectionate than your dad.”

“Meow?” Fu Yiyuan froze.

“Your dad is as stiff as a log.” Su Zeyu chuckled, teasing Fu Yiyuan through the cat.

He was happy, but not entirely.

How could his wife praise his true form while saying bad things about him at the same time?

He thought he shouldn’t spoil Su Zeyu, but when he picked up the next cherry, he was faster than anyone else in snatching the stem.

Watching this, perhaps because the indoor environment was too comfortable, and with a warm cat warming his hands, Su Zeyu soon began to doze off.

“Meow meow—”

His wife went to sleep in the bedroom! He might catch a cold sleeping here!

Su Zeyu was gently woken up by the cat’s paw, and its tail hooked around his leg, trying to lead him to the bedroom.

Su Zeyu, still half asleep, opened his eyes and saw a fluffy lump rubbing against his feet. After a moment of realization, he picked up the cat and went back to the bedroom.

Su Zeyu was too tired. As soon as he opened the bedroom door, he didn’t perform any unnecessary actions and lay back down.

Fu Yiyuan also found a comfortable spot, yawned, and closed his eyes.

In a half-dream state, he seemed to have a dream. There were no visuals, only faintly hearing Su Zeyu’s intermittent voice, trying to discern one or two words.

“How long…” “Transform…transform back…”

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