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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The door is closed.

He was already drifting off to sleep, so Fu Yiyuan dismissed it as his imagination and didn’t pay much attention. Soon, he was snuggled against Su Zeyu’s chest, entering dreamland.

But he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he had forgotten something…

There’s a saying—whatever you forget can’t be that important. Fu Yiyuan had clung to this comforting thought last night before bed. But the next morning, he realized just how wrong that theory was.

Because he, in his eagerness to impress Su Zeyu last night, had forgotten to send a message!

Now, Su Zeyu was sitting on the bed, his slightly messy and lazy hairstyle failing to conceal his irritation. On his hand was the chat page with Fu Yiyuan, the last message dated two days ago.

Oh no—

He messed up!

Su Zeyu locked his phone screen, tossed it aside, and picked up the cat before storming downstairs. With a few strokes of petting, he vented his frustration, his tone starkly different, devoid of emotion, “Your dad is really busy.”

No, wife! Wife, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to ignore you! Fu Yiyuan curled up in Su Zeyu’s arms, regretting his actions.

If only there was a time machine, he would definitely go back to last night and punch himself!

Sink into self isolation.jpg

“Do you want to come to the company with me?” Su Zeyu asked him after breakfast.

Yes! He must go! Fu Yiyuan perked up and obediently waited by the door for Su Zeyu to open it.

“Come in.” Su Zeyu took out the cat carrier he bought yesterday and placed it in front of Fu Yiyuan.

Fu Yiyuan followed Su Zeyu to the company again. This time, the employees weren’t as surprised, but they started a tacit bet among themselves to see who could win the favor of “Yi Yuan” first, who could pet the cat first. For this, they used various methods to get closer, including offering snacks and using cat toys.

Until the end of the workday, Fu Yiyuan managed to keep all the “pawsy” colleagues at bay, indulging in snacks but only allowing Su Zeyu to touch him. The employees who failed unanimously agreed that this was the most “attached” cat they had ever seen, sticking only to Su Zeyu.

With the experience from last time, as soon as they got home, Fu Yiyuan rushed to the study to start frantically typing, interspersing questions about cats in between.

“Yi Yuan, it’s time for dinner,” Fu Yiyuan was typing away vigorously when Su Zeyu’s voice came.

He should have gone out immediately, but Fu Yiyuan knew that if he didn’t send the message now, it would be difficult to come back in. Without stopping his typing, he pressed the keys vigorously, wanting to type a few more words.

As Su Zeyu called out again after a while and began searching for him in every room, Fu Yiyuan heard his footsteps getting closer, as if he was right outside the door. With no other choice, Fu Yiyuan swiftly sent the message, closed his computer screen with a snap, and exited the program.

In that split second, as the door handle was pressed down, Su Zeyu entered the room.

At this moment, Fu Yiyuan remained frozen with his paws on the computer, his cat face filled with panic.

In his mind, there were only two words—It’s over.

A cat sitting in front of a computer with abnormal behavior, coupled with the timing of receiving the message, was irrefutable evidence. His wife was such a clever person; he must have guessed almost everything by now.

Not only had he concealed his true identity, but he had also continued to deceive after transforming back into a cat.

What a scumbag behavior!

His wife must be thinking about breaking up…

Although he had said he would leave the choice to Su Zeyu, and if he couldn’t accept him, he would respect his decision and not entangle him. But now, at this moment, he felt a panic like never before—

He didn’t want to break up!

What was he supposed to do? Up to now, Fu Yiyuan felt pinned to the computer as if he couldn’t move, let alone make a sound.

To avoid attracting attention, Fu Yiyuan didn’t turn on the light. There was no light from the computer in the study, only the light from the living room seeping through the door, casting a faint glow on Fu Yiyuan.

Su Zeyu didn’t come in immediately; he stood at the doorway quietly watching Fu Yiyuan. After a moment, he reached out and turned on the light in the study.

The light was gentle and not glaring, so Fu Yiyuan wasn’t startled by the sudden brightness. He just stared blankly at Su Zeyu as he walked over step by step.

Su Zeyu didn’t linger beside him; he just casually stroked the cat’s head as he passed by. After a quick check to ensure that everything in the study was in order, he returned to the computer, picked up the cat, and left.

Fu Yiyuan thought he would soon face the harsh reality, but Su Zeyu didn’t say much. His tone was as calm as ever, “Don’t touch your dad’s computer randomly; there are important files inside.”

He didn’t seem to think this coincidence was too strange, nor did he think a cat would know the computer’s startup password and how to use it. He simply attributed Fu Yiyuan’s behavior to curiosity.

“Meow?” Fu Yiyuan’s voice was filled with undisguised surprise.

Surviving against all odds.

Su Zeyu held him, his fingers brushing over his ears intermittently. “Let’s go, it’s time for dinner.”

Fu Yiyuan shook his ears and his tail perked up, feeling energized.

Alright, dinner with his wife!

Su Zeyu brought work home tonight, and by the time he finished, it was already eleven o’clock.

Fu Yiyuan, adeptly, jumped onto the bed and crawled into the covers, waiting for Su Zeyu.

And at this moment, Su Zeyu finally had time to check his phone. He glanced at the cat lying on the pillow, picked him up to keep warm, and explained as he looked at the message his father sent: “Your dad sent it. There was no message yesterday, and only one today.”

Su Zeyu’s tone remained as indifferent as ever, but Fu Yiyuan sensed a hint of hostility from within, even discerning a trace of gritted teeth behind the words.

Fu Yiyuan dared not move, fearing that Su Zeyu might vent his anger on him, after all, he was the culprit.

“Does Yiyuan miss Dad?” Su Zeyu scratched the cat’s chin, asking.

“Meow—” Fu Yiyuan was soothed by the scratching, emitting a purring sound from his throat, responding even to his question.

Fu Yiyuan relaxed his guard after feeling comfortable like this, spreading out like a cat pancake for Su Zeyu to rub his belly.

Was it just an illusion earlier? If he were truly angry, he wouldn’t be so gentle.

“But it seems like Dad doesn’t miss us that much.”

Fu Yiyuan, enjoying his wife’s massage, was suddenly startled by this unexpected remark, feeling his soul almost leaving his body.

Indeed, he was probably angry because he hadn’t sent enough messages or contacted him much.

But there was nothing he could do. He was just a little kitty now, incapable of letting others use his account to deceive Su Zeyu even more.

Wife, wait a couple more days, and I’ll be back. Just a little longer.

Fu Yiyuan hugged Su Zeyu’s wrist with his front paws, playfully coaxing him.

Just as he was about to try standing up on his hind legs, Su Zeyu poked him down with a single finger.

Again, and then pushed down.

Why hadn’t he noticed before? His wife was a bit mischievous.

After stumbling several times, Fu Yiyuan began to get frustrated, not at Su Zeyu, but at himself. He couldn’t believe he couldn’t stand up!

After several repetitions, Su Zeyu finally let him go. Seeing his stubborn cat face, he couldn’t help but smile, hugging him again and coaxing, “Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s go to bed.”

As long as there was a Su Zeyu, Fu Yiyuan could be soothed in any state.

Fu Yiyuan looked at Su Zeyu, who had been sulking because of him just now but was now amused by his cat form, and all his previous emotions disappeared. Only the words “My wife looks so good” lingered in his mind.

To lie in bed with his wife, being held by him while sleeping, this treatment could be considered heavenly.

Fu Yiyuan, with a mindset of counting down the days, surprisingly slept well at this moment.

However, the next day when he wanted to go to the computer again, he found that the study door wouldn’t open. Obviously, Su Zeyu had locked it.

As he anxiously spun around, Su Zeyu appeared behind him, picking him up. “Good boy—let’s go somewhere else to play.”

For fear of scratching Su Zeyu, Fu Yiyuan dared not move and could only fret.

Su Zeyu gently tapped his nose. “Why is our Yiyuan so obedient?”

Hearing this, Fu Yiyuan immediately turned into a sour lemon:

His wife had never spoken to him so tenderly before!

Ah! It’s so sour! In the future, he would definitely, absolutely never transform back in front of his wife! No matter how you look at it, human form could never compete with cat form.

Never mind, seize the opportunity now to take advantage. Wait, how could his wife be considered taking advantage? This was simply affection!

Even though his wife might not be his wife in a few days.

Fu Yiyuan buried himself in Su Zeyu’s arms, feeling incredibly aggrieved inside, starting to murmur.

As Su Zeyu pinched his ears sticking out, he explained while heading downstairs, “That’s where Dad works. He works there to earn money to buy you cat food.”

He definitely couldn’t touch the computer these two days.

Fu Yiyuan finally understood. It was just these two days. Once he turned back, he would properly explain to his wife.

Because he couldn’t access the computer, the messages Su Zeyu sent him these two days were like drops in the ocean, receiving no response whatsoever. Not even a period or a simple “1” in acknowledgment.

Finally, Su Zeyu called Xu Wenyu, putting the call on speaker for the sake of holding the cat.

Xu Wenyu sounded puzzled, “Zeyu? Why are you calling me? Is there something wrong with Yiyuan?”

Su Zeyu was reserved in his emotions, but Fu Yiyuan could feel his urgency. “Nothing, Xu Ge. It’s just that he hasn’t replied to my messages these past two days, and I’m worried something might have happened to him.”

“What?” Xu Wenyu sounded surprised. “Zeyu, what are you talking about? You’re not…”

“Yiyuan, stop messing around.” Su Zeyu interrupted Xu Wenyu’s words with a gentle call, “Xu Ge, what were you about to say?”

Innocently and bewilderedly, Fu Yiyuan turned his head to look at Su Zeyu. What was wrong with him? He hadn’t done anything!

On the other end of the phone, Xu Wenyu paused for a moment. “Uh, nothing. Maybe he’s just too busy this time.”

“Is he usually like this when he’s on a business trip?” Su Zeyu asked again.

Xu Wenyu answered truthfully, “Not really. He used to occasionally chat in the group, but this time might be some special circumstances.”

“Okay, thanks, Xu Ge.” Su Zeyu exchanged a few more words with Xu Wenyu before ending the call.

As soon as he hung up, Su Zeyu lifted the cat up to his face, as if talking to him, and also as if talking to himself, “Yiyuan, why do you think your dad is in such special circumstances that he’s forgotten everything?”

Fu Yiyuan instinctively sensed danger. The question sounded to him like:

Are you fooling around outside?

No, wife! Wife, trust me, I’m faithful to you. I wouldn’t even look at other men or women outside!

For some reason, Su Zeyu’s thoughts drifted off. “Your dad…”

Fu Yiyuan was eager to clear his name, but Su Zeyu ruthlessly rubbed his cat’s head a couple of times, ending the topic. “Forget it, no matter what I tell you, you’re just a cat, being affectionate at most.”

Wife, tell me! Whatever you want to say, don’t keep it inside!

Even if Fu Yiyuan shouted in his mind, Su Zeyu wouldn’t know. He just continued with his daily routine, eating, showering, watching TV, waiting for the message from Fu Yiyuan, whenever it decided to come.

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