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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Runaway Kitty

Finally, the seventh day arrived.

Just one more day, and he would be able to turn back. Then he would definitely apologize to his wife properly.

Fu Yiyuan looked at himself in the mirror. His cat form was still as cute as ever, enough to melt his wife’s heart.

Today was a day off, and Su Zeyu wasn’t going to work. He still took Fu Yiyuan out with him.

Seeing the increasingly familiar streets around him, Fu Yiyuan already knew where Su Zeyu was taking him.

Wanshanqiu was a dessert shop that had been open for several years. Despite fierce competition, it survived due to its uniquely delicious desserts. It even experienced a period of internet fame recently.

The reason Fu Yiyuan was familiar with this shop was because Su Zeyu liked the desserts there. So since he started pursuing Su Zeyu, Fu Yiyuan often came here to buy desserts and then found various clumsy excuses to give them to Su Zeyu.

The owner was a young man, with almond-shaped eyes that made him look younger than his actual age. He usually dressed brightly and lively, not like someone who had been in society for several years, but more like a college student.

Fu Yiyuan often visited this shop and learned that his name was Lin Xu.

As soon as Su Zeyu sat down, Lin Xu emerged from behind the counter at lightning speed, almost like teleporting.

Everyone couldn’t help but play with the little cat when they saw it. Fu Yiyuan had gotten used to it and skillfully hid in Su Zeyu’s arms.

“Shy?” Lin Xu withdrew his hand. “Your cat is quite introverted.”

Su Zeyu didn’t explain much and just accepted the statement.

“What would you like to eat? Today’s meal is on me, Lin Gongzi!” Lin Xu was very enthusiastic, clearly an outgoing guy.

*gongzi – Honorific: your son, son of nobility

Su Zeyu pulled the cat out of his arms. “Anything is fine. I haven’t tried anything bad from your shop yet.”

“Sure, I’ll serve you a new item we just experimented with. It won’t be on sale until next week.” Lin Xu waved his hand generously.

“Hey, why did you come to my shop alone today?” Lin Xu sat down opposite him. “Where’s your partner?”

Su Zeyu didn’t look up, playing with the cat in his hand. “He’s on a business trip. I’m taking care of the cat for a few days.”

“Hmm.” Lin Xu obviously didn’t believe it, squinting as he leaned closer. “Did you guys have a fight?”

“No.” Su Zeyu answered calmly.

“What’s the deal then?” Lin Xu got excited, almost shaking Su Zeyu. “Don’t play dumb with me! We’ve known each other for so many years, I can still read your little expressions.”

“Meow?” Fu Yiyuan widened his cat eyes.

So, the owner of this shop was actually a longtime friend of his wife?

He had never thought about it before, and naturally, he wouldn’t ask Su Zeyu.

“Say…” Su Zeyu slowly spoke.

Lin Xu was already prepared, just missing a bag of melon seeds to complete his spectator stance.

Su Zeyu seemed to be narrating someone else’s story, “If someone doesn’t contact you for a long time, are they really just too busy?”

“He went on a business trip and didn’t contact you? That’s just unreasonable!” Lin Xu started off indignantly. “How busy could he be? He doesn’t even have time to send a good morning or good night message?”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he relaxed and changed his tone as if the previous words weren’t from him, “But you know what kind of person he is, right? Don’t think too much about it.”

Finally, Su Zeyu looked up. “Let me show you.”

Fu Yiyuan also looked up, but due to the angle, he couldn’t see.

Then he saw Lin Xu’s strange expression upon receiving the message, hesitating to speak or remain silent. His expression changed several times within a second before he finally sighed as if in compromise. “Well, I admit he did seem a bit perfunctory.”

Huh?! Denied by his wife’s good friend!

Listening to his words, Fu Yiyuan’s heart shattered into pieces, scattering all over the floor. 

It was a huge misunderstanding. Would he obstruct his relationship with his wife in the future? Then his wife would become the protagonist of “My Love Brain Friend”…

No, no! When he turned back, he would come here first to clarify! As one step in the process of love, gaining the trust of Su Zeyu’s friends was crucial.

“Maybe… he doesn’t like me that much.” Su Zeyu lowered his head, aimlessly scrolling through his phone, briefly stopping on an app for a few seconds before switching to another.

No! Wife, I like you the most! Meow!

“Why do you think that?” Lin Xu asked him.

Yes, wife, please tell me what caused this misunderstanding, and I’ll fix it right away!

“Well… he’s usually quite distant, never says much when we meet,” Su Zeyu began to recall, “And he never wanted to publicly acknowledge our relationship at work.”

Lin Xu frowned, “That’s indeed excessive. Is he preparing to find someone else?”

Meow meow meow! Boss Lin, please stop agreeing! If you say a few more words, I’ll lose my wife!

I was just pretending! If I knew my wife didn’t like it, I wouldn’t pretend. I’d stick to you every day!

“Why are you so worked up?” Su Zeyu grabbed his two paws, puzzled.

Lin Xu joked, “Maybe he understood us badmouthing his owner.”

“Where are you living now?”

The waiter placed a delicate cake on Su Zeyu’s table, and Lin Xu watched him take a bite, propping his chin up as he asked.

“Worried that Yi Yuan won’t adapt to the new environment, so I’m temporarily staying at his place,” Su Zeyu replied.

“Isn’t it because he cares about you a lot? He even told you the password to his house,” Lin Xu spoke frankly.

“I suggested staying at his place, he didn’t think of it himself,” Su Zeyu said, unaware of how restless the cat in his arms was becoming, busy comforting him while eating.

“Oh… I see,” Lin Xu didn’t know what else to say.

After a moment of silence, Lin Xu decided to break the awkward atmosphere, trying to find a topic, “Your colleague hasn’t been to my shop these past few days. Is your company very busy lately?”

Su Zeyu didn’t catch on, “Which colleague?”

“You know, the one who often wears suits, quite handsome,” Lin Xu snapped his fingers, “Don’t you remember?”

Could it be me?

Fu Yiyuan found the description somewhat familiar.

Thinking that Su Zeyu hadn’t remembered, Lin Xu dredged up a memory, “There was once, the disposable cutlery was missing, and I asked him to wait while I went to get it. But he was too focused on his phone to notice what I said. When I turned around, he had already left…”

Fu Yiyuan twitched his ears. Why wasn’t he aware of this? He always had cutlery with him, so it couldn’t have been about him.

Wait, why are you covering my ears, wife? Is there something a little kitty like me shouldn’t hear?

“Then you were in my shop at the time, right? You said he’s your colleague, and you brought it for him while going to work. I remember it was Valentine’s Day that day…” 

Fu Yiyuan had just rescued his ears from Su Zeyu’s hands when he heard this.

Valentine’s Day. He remembered buying desserts at Wan Shan Qiu that day, which were special for Valentine’s Day.

Back then, Su Zeyu hadn’t agreed to his pursuit yet, but he didn’t refuse his offerings anymore.

When he gave the desserts to Su Zeyu, Su Zeyu had invited him to eat together for the first time, using disposable cutlery. He had even thought at the time how considerate the shopkeeper was, giving two sets of cutlery for Valentine’s Day.

Thinking back, he hadn’t noticed where Su Zeyu had taken the cutlery from.

“You must be mistaken,” Su Zeyu said calmly, still covering the cat’s ears.

Lin Xu was certain, “How could I be mistaken? My memory is so good, and he’s a regular customer at our shop. Seems like he was also pursuing someone when he bought desserts. Could that someone be from your company?”

Su Zeyu clearly didn’t want to continue this topic, “Why are you so nosy? Don’t always gossip about others.”

Fu Yiyuan raised his head and saw Su Zeyu’s calm expression, but upon closer inspection, he could see a faint blush around his ears, barely visible behind his fine hair.

Fu Yiyuan immediately understood. His wife was embarrassed!

So, the cutlery that time was brought by his wife himself. Was it to prevent him from feeling embarrassed? His wife had never mentioned this to him. Could it be that his wife already had a tiny bit of affection for him back then?

Regardless of the possibility—

His wife was so lovely! How could he be so adorable!

Fu Yiyuan meowed softly at Su Zeyu, making Su Zeyu embarrassed, furrowing his brows and scolding him, “You didn’t hear anything, do you understand?”

Heard it all! Both ears heard it all.jpg

Feeling confident that Su Zeyu couldn’t hear what he was thinking, Fu Yiyuan felt quite smug.

Once he turned back tomorrow, he would explain everything to Su Zeyu immediately. Whether Su Zeyu accepted him or not, he had to let him know that he had always liked him.

He has such a good wife, how could he be so uncertain about himself! He’s definitely not that kind of scumbag!

Due to Su Zeyu’s intervention, Lin Xu didn’t bring up anything else, and the two of them talked about their recent situations. Fu Yiyuan also happened to overhear some of Su Zeyu’s previous stories.

Having stayed in the shop for quite a while, Su Zeyu took Fu Yiyuan back home.

As the weather turned cold, Su Zeyu bought ingredients from a nearby supermarket and cooked himself a solitary hotpot. Eating hotpot while cuddling with the cat, with the sound of the TV in the background, made him feel warm all over.

When it was time to sleep, Su Zeyu brought the cat to bed. As they lay under the covers, Fu Yiyuan suddenly felt that something was off—

If everything goes as expected, he would turn back tomorrow, and there’s a good chance he might turn back in bed tonight. Wouldn’t it scare Su Zeyu if a cat turned into a human in bed?

No, he couldn’t do it. He decided to spend the night at his brother’s place tonight and come back after he turned back tomorrow.

Then, they could call Su Zeyu to let him know that the cat hadn’t gone missing.

Yes, that’s settled!

He’d slip away as soon as his wife fell asleep!

After a while, guessing that Su Zeyu had already fallen asleep, Fu Yiyuan quietly slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the living room.

It was a bit difficult to open the door, and he couldn’t just dash out at the doorstep.

Just as he attempted for the third time, a hand appeared out of nowhere at the back of his neck, lifting him up.

Su Zeyu held him, frowning, “Yi Yuan, why are you running around in this cold weather late at night? You’ll catch a cold.”

Wife, how did you wake up? When did you come over?!

Fu Yiyuan was too scared to move.

Then, Su Zeyu dragged him back to the bedroom.

I’ll wait a little longer, and once my wife falls into a deep sleep, I’ll leave.

So Fu Yiyuan began to wait anxiously, biding his time for the opportunity to escape.

After waiting for who knows how long, Su Zeyu’s breathing gradually became steady, and his embrace loosened.

It’s time!

Fu Yiyuan attempted to escape again, but as soon as he reached the bedroom door this time, Su Zeyu woke up again, his voice still a bit sleepy and confused, but unquestionably commanding, “Behave yourself, come back and sleep.”

This time, Fu Yiyuan didn’t compromise. He continued to jump towards the door handle.

He didn’t know when he would turn back, but turning back into a human right in front of his wife would be even scarier.

Su Zeyu sighed deeply, unable to contain his frustration any longer, “Fu Yiyuan, I’ll say it again—come back and sleep.”

The author has something to say:

Big cats probably shouldn’t be grabbed the back of the neck like that, the gong is a cat demon, it’s different, it’s different (shaking head).

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