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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Office Confession

Fu Yiyuan was so scared by this that his legs went weak, and he stopped jumping around. Even the cat fur on his body stood up. If he hadn’t controlled himself, he might have been running around the room in panic.

Deep down, he still harbored a glimmer of hope. What if he misheard due to nervousness? “Yiyuan” was derived from his own name, and the pronunciation was only slightly different in tone.

Seeing him not moving, Su Zeyu added, “If you run around tonight, don’t even think about coming back in tomorrow.”

Now Fu Yiyuan was completely at Su Zeyu’s mercy, and he could only obediently crawl into bed with an anxious heart.

Sleep was out of the question. The usual calmness of being cuddled to sleep by Su Zeyu was long gone, replaced by tension.

Unprecedented tension.

He was nervous about whether Su Zeyu knew he was the cat, nervous about when he would suddenly turn back, and nervous about how to explain it tomorrow…

As Su Zeyu fell asleep with the cat in his arms, Fu Yiyuan dared not entertain any thoughts of escaping. He could only be a good little cat pillow.

Perhaps because it was so comfortable in Su Zeyu’s arms, Fu Yiyuan soon felt sleepy himself and gradually relaxed into sleep.

When he opened his eyes again, the perspective had changed, and Su Zeyu was lying on the bed, embracing him around the waist, his breath gently brushing against Fu Yiyuan’s neck.

Sure enough, he had turned back in the middle of the night.

Fu Yiyuan dared not move now. He stared at Su Zeyu without blinking, afraid of waking him up.

As he marveled for what seemed like the umpteenth time at “how beautiful my wife is,” the person in his arms made a soft sound of acknowledgment, snuggled closer, and slowly opened his eyes.

Fu Yiyuan’s heart leapt to his throat, fearing that Su Zeyu’s first words would be to tell him to get lost.

Su Zeyu looked at him for a moment, said nothing, and simply got dressed and got out of bed.

“Zeyu…” Fu Yiyuan hurried to catch up, joining him to freshen up.

After washing up, Su Zeyu went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast, while Fu Yiyuan wanted to follow, but was stopped by Su Zeyu at the door. “If you have nothing else to do right now, go and tidy up the things you’ve used in the past two days.”

“Oh…” Fu Yiyuan couldn’t fathom Su Zeyu’s current thoughts, so he ended up in the living room, cleaning up the cat bowl and litter box he had used yesterday, then returning them to the storage room.

When he finished tidying up and went downstairs, breakfast was already set on the table, with two portions. Su Zeyu was eating his own portion, and it was obvious the other one was for Fu Yiyuan.

The sweetness in Fu Yiyuan’s heart overwhelmed the nervousness he had felt earlier. Even though his wife was clearly upset, he still made breakfast for him. He felt loved!

Almost unable to contain his smile, he decided to just go for it. “Thank you, Zeyu, for making breakfast for me.”

Su Zeyu glanced up at his words, not seeming angry, but rather with an inexplicable expression in his eyes.

During the meal, neither of them spoke a word.

After breakfast, Fu Yiyuan took the initiative to take on the task of washing the dishes, rehearsing the explanations he would give later.

Once the dishes were washed, he also cut some fruit and brought it out, inserting a few cute little forks into them.

Placing the fruit plate on the coffee table, he handed a piece of apple to Su Zeyu, who ate it without hesitation.

After finishing, Su Zeyu spoke casually, “Aren’t you going to say something to me?”

“Wife, I’m sorry!” Fu Yiyuan blurted out as soon as he heard that he was about to settle old accounts

Realizing his mistake as soon as the words left his mouth, he sneakily glanced at Su Zeyu’s expression, seeing that he wasn’t angry, he continued.

After all, he couldn’t keep up the facade of being a “cold and ruthless CEO” any longer. He had already caused his wife to misunderstand his feelings, and if he kept it up, there would be no wife left! The term “wife” was meant to be used sooner or later.

“Zeyu, let me explain slowly to you…” Fu Yiyuan took a deep breath.

“Go ahead, I’m listening,” Su Zeyu replied calmly.

“It’s like… Do you believe in the existence of supernatural beings in the world?” Fu Yiyuan tentatively asked.

Su Zeyu looked at him as if he were a fool. “Aren’t you one?”

“Uh, well, yes…” Fu Yiyuan also breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Su Zeyu wasn’t averse to the idea of supernatural beings.

“The thing is…” Fu Yiyuan explained why he had turned into a cat and about the existence of supernatural beings in reality.

“But you don’t have to worry, we’re all organized and disciplined supernatural beings, completely the same as normal people except for our true forms,” Fu Yiyuan tried hard to create a harmless image of himself.

But Su Zeyu’s attention clearly wasn’t on that: “Don’t you have anything else to say? Apart from the fact that you’re a cat demon.”

“I shouldn’t have lied to you! I shouldn’t have pretended to be someone I’m not! I could kneel on the keyboard right now, please don’t be angry.” Fu Yiyuan looked around, almost going to the study to get the keyboard.

“Alright, stop with all that nonsense, just tell me everything you’ve lied to me about.” Su Zeyu still couldn’t bear to let him kneel on the keyboard.

Fu Yiyuan lowered his head, looking at Su Zeyu’s beautiful hands on his knees. “I shouldn’t have pretended to be profound. I’m not really the cold domineering CEO.”

“And?” Su Zeyu picked up a strawberry, gesturing for him to continue.

“I thought you liked men who were mature and reserved, so I pretended to be like that.”

“Even the usual restraint was just an act. I was afraid you would think I was too offensive, only interested in taking advantage of you, and wouldn’t want to date me. You never showed any desire in matters of affection, and I was afraid you were only with me because I pestered you.” Fu Yiyuan’s emotions escalated as he spoke. “I never wanted to be a hypocrite. Every time I’m with you, I want to hold your hand, kiss you, and I even want to…”

Before he could finish, Su Zeyu stuffed a large, red strawberry into his mouth, its sweet fragrance filling the air. Their lips accidentally brushed against each other’s fingers. After a week of being in a cat’s body, memories that had been ignored resurfaced once again.

Su Zeyu interrupted his forthcoming words, “Ahem, I understand now… You don’t have to say anymore.”

“Wife… can you still accept the real me?” Fu Yiyuan’s heart was full of anxiety, afraid that Su Zeyu would slap him in the next second and then storm out.

Su Zeyu didn’t answer immediately but instead asked him, “Aren’t you curious about when I found out your true identity?”

“Was it when I was secretly typing in the study and got caught?” He said that his wife was so clever, how could he not have noticed any clues.

“No, it was even earlier,” Su Zeyu denied.

“Then… did my sister-in-law tell you?” Fu Yiyuan wasn’t sure, but now that was the only possibility. If that were the case, then he had been exposed from the beginning.

This time Su Zeyu didn’t say anything, but instead asked another question, “Since you’re supernatural beings, do you have special abilities?”

Fu Yiyuan didn’t mind him changing the subject, and explained what he knew to him: “Most supernatural beings nowadays are no different from ordinary people, except that they retain some animalistic traits in their habits, such as an appreciation for aesthetics. Only a small minority may still retain some abilities from their ancestors, but after so many years, even if they do, those abilities would be very weak, and there would be many limitations when using them.”

“Also, if they harm others, the Supernatural Management Bureau will handle it. So there’s no need to worry if you encounter supernatural beings with abilities, normal supernatural beings can distinguish between right and wrong.”

Fu Yiyuan might as well have had “I’m a very safe supernatural being” written on his face.

Before he could say anything else, Su Zeyu suddenly got up and walked towards the study, and Fu Yiyuan quickly followed.

Su Zeyu unlocked the door with a key. “Take your things out first, there should be quite a few people looking for you these past two days.”

“Okay.” Fu Yiyuan wasn’t planning to act aloof anymore. As soon as he entered, he squatted down and started looking for the phone he had hidden earlier.

As soon as it was turned on, messages started popping up. Some of them probably went to Su Zeyu after not getting a response from him, and the last message indicated that the issue had been resolved, thanking Su Zeyu a few times.

Fu Yiyuan had just opened a few messages and hadn’t had a chance to read them when his brother’s call came in.

Fu Yiyuan answered, “Ge, what’s up?”

Fu Xiuran’s voice came through, rustling papers, “Did you forget you’ve been on strike for a week? Now that you’ve recovered, hurry up and handle your work. You owe debts that have piled up like a mountain.”

Fu Yiyuan wailed, “Ge, but today’s Sunday! I wanted to spend time with Zeyu.”

Just as Fu Yiyuan was bargaining with Fu Xiuran, Su Zeyu patted him from behind, indicating he should give him the phone.

Fu Yiyuan, puzzled, handed the phone over to him, listening as Su Zeyu promised on his behalf, “Mm, he’ll be there soon, I’ll let him know.”

After hanging up, Su Zeyu handed the phone back to Fu Yiyuan, “Whatever it is, we’ll talk about it when you come back tonight. Business matters more.”

“Okay.” Fu Yiyuan didn’t dare to resist Su Zeyu and could only reluctantly change clothes and head out.

Ah, sometimes having a partner who understands too well isn’t a good thing.

Work is never more important than being with your wife.

That’s what Fu Yiyuan, with his love-struck brain, thought.

Oh well!

When he finished work, he happened to go to Wan Shanqiu to buy some desserts to bring back for his wife. He hadn’t eaten much yesterday because of him. He also wanted to explain things properly to Boss Lin so his wife’s friend wouldn’t dislike him.

“I’m leaving now.” Fu Yiyuan, dressed in a suit and looking presentable, hesitated at the door, reluctant to leave Su Zeyu.

“Okay.” Su Zeyu nodded lightly.

Although he said that, not wanting to work, once he got into the rhythm, apart from hastily eating lunch at noon, Fu Yiyuan had been working non-stop, without any rest.

Having completed most of the piled-up work, and seeing it was time to leave, Fu Yiyuan tidied up the remaining documents and prepared to leave.

He got his car from the garage and headed straight to Wan Shanqiu. Although the boss’s business was good, he didn’t open on weekends in the evenings, and Fu Yiyuan was afraid he might be too late.

Luckily, when he arrived, he could see the sign for Wan Shanqiu still lit up from afar, with customers still inside.

Fu Yiyuan hurried in, intending to check if there were any new items on the menu, when Lin Xu approached him.

“Here already? Don’t order yet, wait for me.” Lin Xu didn’t seem surprised to see him; instead, he looked like he already knew, reminding Fu Yiyuan before heading into the kitchen.

Puzzled, Fu Yiyuan put down the menu.

Before long, Lin Xu came out, holding a takeout box in his hand. “Take this back to eat with Zeyu. It’s another new item you two haven’t tried yet.”

Fu Yiyuan was stunned. Didn’t Lin Xu not know that Zeyu’s partner was him? How did he suddenly…

“Boss Lin, how did you know…”

Lin Xu smiled, “Zeyu mentioned that you would come today. After chatting with him for a bit, I was surprised to find out that his partner is actually you.”

Fu Yiyuan was even more confused. How did his wife know he would come? But now wasn’t the time to dwell on these things. The most important thing now was to explain to Lin Xu that he loved his wife very much and would never again hurt him by pretending to be someone he’s not.

“Um… Boss Lin, I just found out that you and Zeyu were friends. Don’t worry, I will be devoted to Zeyu wholeheartedly, I promise—”

Lin Xu interrupted him, not wanting to hear any more cheesy words of affection. “Stop talking! Just go back. Your boyfriend is waiting for you at home.”

Fu Yiyuan hesitated.

Seeing that he didn’t leave, Lin Xu sighed, “Do you think I don’t know you? That kid Su Zeyu is always flaunting his affection for me. How many times has he shown off? Every time he seems to complain, but can I not see through him?”

After saying this, Lin Xu muttered under his breath, “A couple of days ago, I don’t know what got into him, he insisted on me acting out a melancholic scene with him.”

Seeing that Fu Yiyuan still didn’t move, Lin Xu directly urged him, “Alright, alright, hurry up and go! You just came back from a business trip, right? You two haven’t seen each other for so long, go back and spend time with your partner!”

Fu Yiyuan could only stand up, “How much? I’ll pay you.”

When Lin Xu heard this, he didn’t feel right, “Do I need this cake money so badly? It’s the first time you’ve come as Zeyu’s boyfriend, and I’m still taking your money? Am I that stingy?”

After thanking him, Fu Yiyuan took the cake and hurried home.

Now, he couldn’t wait to ask Su Zeyu why he knew he would go to “Wan Shanqiu” today. He was sure he hadn’t told Su Zeyu. He also wanted to ask how he had talked about himself to Lin Xu, and what Lin Xu meant by asking for help with acting.

He felt like he was about to unravel a big mystery, but he didn’t have any fear of the unknown. Instead, he felt excited and exhilarated, with a sweet feeling welling up from the depths of his heart, entwining together to become the main melody of his emotions.

The journey that should have taken just over ten minutes felt like it had taken a century, with each red light feeling like an eternity.

Finally, he arrived home. Upon opening the door, the heart rate that had been high just moments ago slowly calmed down.

The lights were on in the spacious villa, and Su Zeyu was busy in the kitchen, the aroma of the food wafting into the air. Everything seemed to say, “Welcome home.”

Fu Yiyuan, who had just wanted to grab someone and ask them everything, now didn’t want to ask anything at all. He just wanted to hug Su Zeyu and confirm that this warmth wasn’t an illusion.

“Back already?” Su Zeyu came out of the kitchen with a plate. “Go wash your hands and come eat.”

Fu Yiyuan stared blankly at Su Zeyu, only regaining his senses after a moment. “Okay!”

After washing his hands, Fu Yiyuan sat at the table. As he looked at the steamed fish in the dish, he began to daze off again.

Seeing his expression, Su Zeyu asked, “Don’t cats like to eat fish? Don’t you like it?”

“No! I like it, I like fish!” Fu Yiyuan quickly denied, picking up a piece of fish from the plate. “Zeyu, you should have some too.”

My wife cooked fish for me to eat. Hehehe, my wife is so good…

Fu Yiyuan spent the meal with most of his attention on Su Zeyu, occasionally picking up food for him.

Su Zeyu’s cooking skills were excellent. Fu Yiyuan knew that he had lost his parents a long time ago and lived alone. He couldn’t eat takeout every day, so he gradually developed his cooking skills.

When he first heard about Su Zeyu’s family situation, Fu Yiyuan was heartbroken. Since then, he had made sure to have the housekeeper prepare an extra meal to take to the office, and occasionally stew some tonic soup for Su Zeyu to drink.

After finishing the meal, Fu Yiyuan conscientiously went to wash the dishes, letting Su Zeyu watch TV and enjoy the dessert after dinner.

After washing the dishes, Fu Yiyuan tentatively sat down next to Su Zeyu on the sofa. Su Zeyu didn’t react, indicating his tacit approval.

Fu Yiyuan, feeling bolder, pondered before speaking, “Zeyu…”

Su Zeyu didn’t say anything.

“When I went to Wan Shanqiu today, Lin Xu said you knew I would go.”

Fu Yiyuan, nervous, didn’t know how to place his hands and feet. The normally composed Fu Yiyuan, who always sat upright in front of Su Zeyu, was completely at a loss now.

“He also said that you had mentioned me to him before…” he trailed off, remembering Lin Xu’s words about Su Zeyu flaunting his affection.

Hearing this, Su Zeyu put down his fork and turned to Fu Yiyuan, “Did you want to ask me yesterday if I’m only with you because I’m being pestered?”

Fu Yiyuan’s thoughts were exposed, and he lowered his head, avoiding Su Zeyu’s gaze, and just stared at the cake in front of him. “Well, wife, you may seem cold, but you’re actually very soft-hearted…”

Su Zeyu looked at him for a moment before speaking slowly, “Fu Yiyuan, why would you think that I’m willing to compromise myself?”

A furry tail appeared in Fu Yiyuan’s field of vision as Su Zeyu spoke.

Fu Yiyuan startled, suddenly lifted his head, only to see that Su Zeyu had grown a pair of animal ears on his head, and the base of the tail that had just appeared was hidden behind Su Zeyu’s clothes.

The author has something to say:

How could my children’s love affairs be one-sided!

Regarding what kind of supernatural Zeyu is, I’ve been dropping crazy hints since the first chapter!


I have no idea. It didn’t even cross my mind that he was also a supernatural being.

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