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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Wife, Goodnight

“Zeyu, you, you, you—” Fu Yiyuan stuttered, unable to complete a sentence.

“What’s wrong, disgusted?” Su Zeyu glanced at him.

“No—” Fu Yiyuan immediately denied, looking at the fiery red tail moving around beside him, his fingers couldn’t help but twitch involuntarily.

“Can I touch it?” Fu Yiyuan hesitated, still seeking Su Zeyu’s consent.

“You can.” Su Zeyu’s ears also twitched.

So cute!

Although Fu Yiyuan’s original form was a round ball of a cat, it didn’t stop him from wanting to stroke the furry tail, especially since it belonged to Su Zeyu.

Su Zeyu was wearing loose home clothes, and his entire demeanor was softened by a few degrees. The large tail behind him added to his charm, making one want to embrace him.

Fu Yiyuan’s hands trembled as he reached out to touch the tail. The warm and smooth texture awakened his mind, which had been wandering since earlier.

“Zeyu, I never thought you were also a supernatural being…” Fu Yiyuan’s hand stroked Su Zeyu’s tail, his words stuttering.

Today was undoubtedly the most shocking day of his life. It was unparalleled. Even when he discovered he could transform into a cat, it didn’t compare to this. It completely overturned his worldview.

He had always worried that he would be dumped because of his cat demon identity, but he never expected Su Zeyu to also be a supernatural being, and he even voluntarily showed his true form. Did this mean—had his wife already accepted him?

More than being surprised at Su Zeyu’s identity, he was now more filled with joy.

Just as he was thinking about it, before he could touch it a few more times, the tail slipped away from his hand.

Su Zeyu retracted his tail from Fu Yiyuan’s hand, and the white tip of the tail brushed against Fu Yiyuan’s face, causing a tingling sensation that reached deep into his heart. “Have you seen what kind of supernatural being I am?”

“Yeah, a fox, right?”

A super beautiful red fox!

Fu Yiyuan reluctantly wanted to continue stroking the tail. Regardless of what kind of supernatural being Su Zeyu was, he was his dear wife. He didn’t care if his wife was human or supernatural, or what his true form was.

He thought he could continue holding his wife’s tail, but Su Zeyu retracted it, and even his ears disappeared.

“Wife—” Fu Yiyuan suddenly felt a little aggrieved.

Ignoring his regretful expression, Su Zeyu continued, “The term ‘fox spirit’ is often not a good one. You know that, right?”

Fu Yiyuan thought he was dissatisfied with his true form and hurriedly denied, “They universally acknowledge that foxes are beautiful!”

“Don’t change the subject.” Su Zeyu handed him another clean fork, indicating that he should finish the remaining half of the cake.

“Oh.” Fu Yiyuan ate the rest of the cake obediently and remained silent.

Su Zeyu continued, “In many stories, fox spirits have a characteristic of being good at bewitching people’s hearts. Although there is a lot of fabrication, it does have some connection to reality.”

*actual word used is demagogy – which is political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but speak up again, “What is it?”

“Before bewitching someone’s heart, you first need to know what they desire deep down. This ability is generally called mind-reading. And I happen to have retained this ability.”

“That means, I basically know what you’re thinking at all times,” Su Zeyu stared straight at him, his beautiful eyes seeming to penetrate through his shell, directly into his innermost thoughts. At this moment, all his thoughts were laid bare.

Su Zeyu watched as Fu Yiyuan went from being dumbfounded to furrowing his brows, but he didn’t say anything, just waiting for his reaction.

Would it be disgust, guilt? Or fear?

The next moment, Fu Yiyuan dropped his fork, hastily grabbing Su Zeyu’s hand, anxiously asking, “Using abilities has its limitations, and some may have side effects. Darling, are you feeling unwell? If you are, let’s go to the hospital for a check-up?”

Su Zeyu’s heart seemed to twist a bit at Fu Yiyuan’s urgency, but under his urging, he regained his composure and looked down at Fu Yiyuan grabbing his hand, lightly scolding, “Silly cat…”

From the beginning of pursuing him until now, he had always been this foolish.

“I’m fine…” Su Zeyu didn’t lift his head, afraid that Fu Yiyuan would notice his emotional slip.

“Wife, look at me.” Fu Yiyuan gently touched his face, his tone full of anxiety.

Su Zeyu didn’t want Fu Yiyuan to see him like this, so he tried to suppress his emotions, but Fu Yiyuan still noticed his slightly reddened eyes.

Fu Yiyuan immediately panicked, “It’s okay as long as you’re fine. If you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t ask anymore.”

Su Zeyu pulled Fu Yiyuan’s hand down, letting him hold it again, “You’re not curious why I knew you were going to Wan Shan Qiu today? That’s the reason. You were thinking like that, so I heard it.”

Fu Yiyuan held Su Zeyu’s hand and asked, “Zeyu, can you always know what I’m thinking?”

“Yeah,” Su Zeyu answered somewhat vaguely, not wanting to explain further.

“Then you must have known all along when I was pretending.” Fu Yiyuan regretted deeply, a belated sense of embarrassment hitting him hard.

How embarrassing!

The embarrassment of admitting it voluntarily and being found out passively were different.

Just as he was mortified, Fu Yiyuan suddenly realized that his inner thoughts were completely exposed to Su Zeyu. For a moment, his emotions froze there, neither advancing nor retreating, leaving him at a loss, but it did help him calm down a bit.

Seeing this, Su Zeyu continued, “Didn’t Lin Xu mention that day? Just as you thought, I had him cooperate with me for the sake of our act.”

“Why?” Fu Yiyuan didn’t react immediately, asking subconsciously.

Su Zeyu glanced at him, saying calmly, “You’ve read quite a few novels about playing the role of an overbearing CEO, right?”

Fu Yiyuan nodded blankly.

“Then you should know that an overbearing CEO who doesn’t speak much often leads to some melodramatic misunderstandings.”

Fu Yiyuan was still dazed.

Su Zeyu continued slowly, “Fu Yiyuan, we’re going to spend our whole lives together, and I don’t want it to turn out like that.”

Fu Yiyuan was overwhelmed with emotions upon hearing this.

Of course, he knew the uneasiness he felt when he overheard Su Zeyu talking to Lin Xu. He even wished he could declare his love in his cat form, regardless of everything.

He still felt a bit scared now.

If it weren’t for their little act to provoke him, if Su Zeyu didn’t have the ability to read minds, if he continued to hide his identity because of his attachment to this happiness, if…

Then the breakup due to misunderstandings in novels might really happen to them.

The more Fu Yiyuan thought about it, the more scared he became. Unable to resist, he hugged Su Zeyu tightly, saying, “Wife, I was wrong, I was really wrong… I won’t hide anything from you anymore.”

“Mm,” Su Zeyu’s voice was soft and rare.

After who knows how long of hugging, Fu Yiyuan also calmed down. He belatedly realized, “So, darling, did you accept me as the real me from the beginning?”

Su Zeyu sighed lightly, seeming helpless, “Fu Yiyuan.”

“I’m here!” Fu Yiyuan immediately responded.

Su Zeyu let him hug, his head resting on his shoulder. His voice sounded in his ear, “I won’t accept something from a pursuer who wasn’t sincere.”

Fu Yiyuan was stunned by this sudden surprise. He cautiously confirmed, “Wife, do you mean that you fell in love with me from the first time you accepted something from me?!”

“Shut up,” Su Zeyu didn’t directly answer, but Fu Yiyuan had already got the answer.

At this moment, he remembered Su Zeyu’s strange reaction when he called Xu Wenyu, and he understood, “Wife, do my sister-in-law and the others know too?”

“… Everything you suspect is correct. Stop asking.” Su Zeyu felt a bit embarrassed for some reason.

“And one last question.” Fu Yiyuan’s tone was pitiful. He didn’t ask directly because he knew Su Zeyu could hear his thoughts.

Su Zeyu’s body stiffened for a moment, pushing him away and starting to watch TV again, “Find out for yourself.”

“Okay, wife.” Fu Yiyuan smiled, took out his phone, and his other hand couldn’t help but wrap around Su Zeyu’s waist again.

He entered a forum he hadn’t visited in a long time, a forum exclusive to supernatural beings that required real-name authentication to enter.

He just asked Su Zeyu if using his abilities could harm his body, so he couldn’t help but be concerned about this.

Entering the forum, he found the fox’s section in the top supernatural encyclopedia thread and scrolled down bit by bit.

【Fox, commonly known as fox, is a mammal of the order Carnivora, family Canidae…】

The beginning was a long introduction about foxes, obviously copied from some encyclopedia.

【Regarding the abilities of fox spirits, the one that is most commonly retained is mind reading, and the legends of fox spirits seducing people are also related to this. However, this ability also has limitations, the most important of which is that it requires the target’s favorability to be raised to the highest level, at least reaching ninety-five percent or above. Just this alone, many fox spirits can’t even find someone suitable to activate their abilities.】

Huh? So, the wife can’t read everyone’s minds either.

【Next, on top of having favorability, the other party must also trust it completely…】

Su Zeyu suddenly spoke up, “You’re too defenseless against me.”

Fu Yiyuan didn’t see anything wrong, “You’re my wife, why wouldn’t I trust you?”

Su Zeyu looked at him and muttered “silly cat” again before turning his head away.

He continued scrolling down.

【Accompanying mind reading, there usually appears another ability on fox spirits, which is charm. The usage restrictions of this ability are similar to mind reading, so to some extent, this ability has become a little interest between couples…】

Seeing this, Fu Yiyuan suddenly remembered that night. So, it wasn’t an illusion at the time, Su Zeyu really…

“Hey—” Just as he was thinking, Su Zeyu suddenly snatched the phone away.

“After finishing reading, stop playing with your phone.” Su Zeyu turned off the screen of the phone.

“Wife, you… that time, was it…” Fu Yiyuan, now deeply embodying his promise, spoke directly.

“…I want to watch TV.” Su Zeyu seemed to be annoyed at him for disturbing her.

With this reaction, Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but understand that it was tacitly approved.

“Wife—” Ignoring Su Zeyu’s attempts to push him away, he hugged him from behind, burying his head in Su Zeyu’s neck and sniffing incessantly.

Su Zeyu always had a faint fragrance on him, and Fu Yiyuan had wanted to do this for a long time, but he lacked the courage. Today, he finally fulfilled his desire.

As he sniffed, the fragrance seemed to change, turning into kisses landing on Su Zeyu’s skin. Su Zeyu’s resistance also turned into a mix of reluctance and acceptance.

The thick carpet on the floor in winter ensured that even stepping on it barefoot wouldn’t feel cold, and the heating was generously turned on.

As they wrestled and fell onto the carpet, their breaths entangled, every inch of their skin warming up…

At this moment, Fu Yiyuan suddenly stopped, and Su Zeyu urged impatiently, “Hmm… What’s wrong…”

“Wife, can you show me your ears and tail again?” 

With a hint of moisture in Su Zeyu’s eyes, tears flowed down when he blinked, and Fu Yiyuan comforted him, kissing the tear stains on his face.

“Don’t…,” Su Zeyu refused verbally, but his ears involuntarily emerged from his hair, and his fiery red tail brushed against Fu Yiyuan’s abdomen restlessly.

“Hiss—” Fu Yiyuan’s sudden movement caused him pain. “Don’t bite…”

“Okay, won’t bite.” Fu Yiyuan kept his promise, but the next second, he changed tactics.

“You—” Before Su Zeyu could finish his sentence, he was silenced by Fu Yiyuan’s kiss.

It wasn’t until late at night that Fu Yiyuan carried Su Zeyu into the bathroom. In a daze, Su Zeyu still reminded him, “Make sure to wash the tail properly…”

After washing, Fu Yiyuan patiently dried the fur on the tail for him.

The fluffy tail, especially soft after being washed clean, Su Zeyu didn’t bother to retract it and casually placed it on Fu Yiyuan’s body, ready to sleep.

But Fu Yiyuan kept talking incessantly.

“Wife, can we announce our relationship tomorrow?”


“My parents are coming back for the Chinese New Year. Would you like to come with me to meet them?”


After a brief silence, Fu Yiyuan spoke again.

“Wife, I can’t transform into a cat every day either. If you really like cats, how about we take some time to choose one together?”

This time, the interval was longer.


Fu Yiyuan thought he was still concerned about his jealous words earlier and explained, “I wouldn’t really get jealous over a cat. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time before, right? It’s just that you haven’t decided on the breed yet. The company will be on holiday soon, and we’ll have plenty of time to choose.”

Su Zeyu furrowed his brow in an attempt to block out the sound. “I didn’t know what breed you were before… You’re so annoying, just go to sleep…”

Fu Yiyuan was stunned by this remark, but he realized that asking again might disturb Su Zeyu’s sleep, so he bit his lip and silently cheered inside.

During sleep, his wife wouldn’t use his abilities, so being excited in his mind wouldn’t disturb him.

So, his wife had been asking about raising a cat all this time, just to take care of him?

He couldn’t believe how wonderful his wife was! He had lost count of how many times he had felt this way. He truly was a happy cat!

This belated surprise kept him awake for a long time. It was only when he heard the gradually calming breath of the person beside him that sleep finally came.

He took another admiring look at Su Zeyu’s sleeping face, hugged him a little tighter, and then contentedly closed his eyes.

Goodnight, Wife. See you tomorrow.

【The end】


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2 months ago

Cute story. ML was truly an actor
But I love his intentions wasn’t to play with MC or manipulate him. He just want MC to be honest, and in return he told him his truth. Awww

1 day ago


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