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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

Author: Cha Qian (茶乾)

Title: 霸总男友变回小猫咪了

Chapters: 8 Completed


When Fu Yiyuan pursued someone, he put on a mature and restrained boss-like appearance in front of his wife, but in reality, he was like a completely unimposing little kitten.

Coincidentally or not, on the second day of intimate contact after successfully pursuing the person, he reverted back to his original self while embracing his wife.

Then, he heard Su Zeyu, who had just woken up, coldly scolding, “You scumbag, you ran away after sleeping.”

The little kitten instantly became agitated: “Ah ah ah! Wife, I didn’t run away, I’m right here!!!”

Content tags: Supernatural, Love at First Sight, Perfect Match, Sweet Story, Light-hearted

Search keywords: Protagonists: Su Zeyu, Fu Yiyuan | Supporting characters: | Others:

One-sentence summary: In order to appease his wife, he could only endure being teased.

Central idea: Being in a relationship requires being eloquent.

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